Dimter Limpressar

Dimter limpressar : Framtidens produktionsprocess

Glue solid wood and increase your added value! By increasing the depth of production but also by possible processing scrap wood.
We are continuously developing and improving our systems and machines to meet your needs of your production process. For an optimum added value, panels are produced perfectly aligned as a result of an intelligent pressing process. This helps save material, minimizes post-processing and saves you money. In addition, the glue is applied in a very precise way, which helps to save glue and to reduce cleaning. This guarantees a smooth and secure production process. Automatic feeding systems and high frequency technology that reduce curing times, e.g. for PVAc, to a minimum, are provided as standard.

A variety of applications – from floorings to traditional furniture and DIY panels to mini beams – WEINIG offers you the perfect technical solution out of its portfolio of gluing presses.
All machines can be optimally equipped for each individual application. This includes, for example, various gluing systems, pre-cutting solutions, mechanizations and equipment for modern glue systems.